Most people are amazed at butterflies – the look, wonder and beauty of these majestic, colorful wonders are truly spectacular. And, you no longer have to visit a butterfly garden to enjoy them. Horticultural expert, Mike Squillace, says that by choosing some fragrance flowers and planting the right nectar plants, you can bring these beautiful butterflies into your garden or natural landscape.

Step 1: Get the right plants

It’s nice to have fragrant flowers around for the butterflies such as Gardenia and Angel Trumpet Flowers.

Jatropha and Florida Lilac are other examples of popular and useful flowers we suggest for your Butterfly Garden. You can also add non-fragrant, flowering plants to your garden to add vibrant color and variety such as Verbena, Heliptrope Flowers and Costa Farms Pentas.

Other examples of non-fragrant flowers include Zinnias, Milkweed, Mint, Porterweed and Buddleria.

Step 2: Caring for your plants

For these plants, we recommend normal fertilization throughout the year approximately four times a year: winter, spring, summer and fall. And, don’t forget to water your plants.

Step 3: Types of Butterflies you will attract to your Parkland garden or landscape

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