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Frequently Asked Questions

Describe how your education and background in landscape design.

Mike Squillace received a degree in Horticultural Sciences and loves working with plants, flowers and the outdoors. After working 40 years in the business, he has acquired a lot of experience too and he knows what kind of plants work for different types of areas. He also has dealt with plant disease and insect infestation such as identification of gamma derma, bores, lethal yellow, white fly and other deficiencies. He has the knowledge to also identify most insects and fungi.

How did Mike Squillace get started doing this type of work?

Mike has been working in the industry since the 70s and started the business in the early 80s. It’s been a long time passion of his and he enjoys creating beautiful landscape environments for his clients. He always involves his clients in the design process to get their input and thoughts.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

The first step in our process is to see the property. Once we see what we are working with we are able to assess the needs of the customer based on their desires, budget and we can then give them an accurate quote. We work hard to make sure that every client is happy with our services.

We like to bring our customers to our nursery where we have over 15 acres of plant material to view. We have rare and tropical plants that no one else has.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your services?

We do not have a standard pricing system for our services. The price is determined by the client’s budget and their needs.

What is your approach with Eco-Friendly products?

All Terrain Landscaping is very eco-friendly and when all possible we strive to use natural products for instance fire ants. We use a non-toxic, birth control method to eliminate your fire ants which is not harmful to animals, plants and people. This is one of many environmentally-friendly, patented products that is only available to All Terrain Landscaping.

What types of customers do you work with?

We work with every type of customer imaginable including pro golfers, famous singers, pro-athletes to everyday professionals and more. We work with cities, churches, synagogues, schools and much more, working within their budget and making appropriate recommendations based on what they want to spend. As designers, we feel that it’s important to have a budget in order to come up with a design that fits within their parameters.

Describe one of your favorite projects.

We recently worked on a renovation for Joan Grande, Ariana Grande’s mother in Boca Raton, Florida. We worked hand-to-hand with Joan to prepare for her daughter’s arrival to South Florida during Christmas time including getting a 18 foot Christmas tree to be delivered on the spare of the moment. To read more, please visit the blog:

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire your company?

It’s important for customers to hire a company like All Terrain Landscaping with experience and many years of hands on work related knowledge under their belt. We are a long standing company serving South Florida for four decades and have a solid reputation in our community for doing excellent, high-quality work. We own multiple acres in Parkland and have more than 15 acres of plants to view.

What questions should customers think through before talking to All Terrain about their project?

It’s important that customers know what they want to achieve in their landscape design and have a budget in mind. We would be happy to discuss any project and provide free estimates.