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Joan Grande, Ariana Grande’s mother Hires All Terrain Landscaping

If you love contemporary pop and R&B music then you know and love, Ariana Grande. She’s one of today’s hottest and most sought after pop artists with chart busting songs that hit the Billboard 100 charts, high-profile television network shows on Nickelodeon and of course movies. Born and reared in Boca Raton, Florida, she has deep roots attending elementary school and even attending high-school right in our backyard. Like most stars, Grande wanted to return to her hometown for the holiday season, but her mother, Joan, knew her childhood home wasn’t up to par and that’s when she reached out to Mike, from All Terrain.

Joan Grande Searches High and Low for a Landscape Company

Joan searched all of her resources to find a professional and discreet all-inclusive, landscaping and design company. She felt that Mike and his team were the “Best of the Best” in the business and hired him on the spot. The mission for Mike and his team was to get her home completely ready for Ariana’s arrival in just a few days. Joan had many concerns about her home including having privacy from nearby neighbor as well as much needed exterior ground maintenance. In only a couple of hours, Mike mobilized a comprehensive team of more than 10 certified, licensed and insured professionals including a general contractor, painter, plumber, electrician, brick layer, locksmith, handy man and more to work within Joan’s tight time restraints.

Mike Squillace Leads the Way

Mike’s used his leadership and communication skills to create a symbiotic relationship with all the members of his team, but his squad did have their hands full. Some of the work they needed to tackled included removal of unsafe electrical lighting and updating them, creation of a privacy fence using plants and greenery, removing of trees, replacing pavers and re-stucco cracks, cleaning up yard, adding plant life in all outdoor areas, replacing broken locks, repairing mosquito nets, fixing fence, redoing brick way, pressure clean driveway and much more. Mike worked with Joan on a day-to-day basis to coordinate all the various tasks occurring in the home to include the resources, prices of varied worked and the project as a whole. To save time, one of Mike’s family members even catered the project on-site to keep everyone hydrated and energized to complete the work on hand.

Ariana Grande’s Holiday Homecoming to Boca Raton

Thanks to Mike and his team, in just a few days, everything that Joan wanted to accomplished was done! In fact, Mike was even able to ship a beautiful, natural 18 ft Christmas tree from North Carolina as a main centerpiece to adorn Joan’s home for Ariana. When Joan realized all the work was completed on time, she was happy beyond belief. She praised Mike and his colleagues for their diligence, great, work ethic and positive attitude. All of their efforts made Ariana’s Holiday Season a truly special time of the year!